Set up the Digital Benchmark and Shape the Model for Development


In February 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Beijing, and clearly defined the core functions of the city as the national center for politics, culture, international exchanges and scientific and technical innovation. He also called for efforts to build Beijing into a world-class harmonious and livable city. Throughout the 70 years and more since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Beijing has kept in sync with the pulse of the times ,and progressed together with the country. Especially since entering the new era, while making great achievements in the field of economy and people’s livelihood, Beijing has become one of the first gigabit cities in the country, and a global pacesetter in the digital economy. Today, with glorious historic achievements, Beijing is writing a wonderful chapter of Chinese modernization.

In recent years, the digital economy has accelerated its application in more scenarios. Behind this is the digital infrastructure in Beijing and its leapfrog improvement in various supporting systems. In 2018, Beijing’s first 5G base station was opened. As of October 2022, Beijing had more than 285,000 5G base stations. In May 2023, China Mobile's Beijing branch took the lead in opening Beijing’s first 5G-A experimental base station, which also marks that the evolution of 5G technology has officially entered the second round of race.

Through the development of digital economy, we see that the millennia-old capital is on a new journey under the firm leadership of the CPC, converting institutional advantages into development potential, governance efficiency, and growth drivers, and striding vigorously on the road of Chinese modernization.

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