Sharing New Opportunities and Creating New Development Pattern


In November 2023, the State Council officially released the “Work Plan on Supporting Beijing in Constructing the National Integrated Demonstration Zone for Greater Openness in the Services Sector”. Focusing on six aspects such as deepening reform and opening up in key services sectors, the Work Plan outlined more than 170 tasks and initiatives.

In recent years, Beijing has put itself on a new stage of development by completely, accurately and comprehensively applying the new development philosophy, actively aligning with the new development pattern, and vigorously advancing the construction of “Two Zones”. Its service industry is steadily and widely opened up.

Jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal Government, the China International Fair for Trade in Services(CIFTIS) has injected new impetus into high-quality development for the capital, marking a vivid practice in promoting the Chinese modernization in Beijing. CIFTIS not only demonstrates Beijing’s huge development potential in services trade, but has also become a window showing a true, three-dimensional and full image of China, contributing positively to global economic recovery and prosperity.

For years, through wider opening-up, transformation and upgrading, and innovation-driven development, Beijing has scored new achievements and provided new opportunities, while gathering new consensus and synergy on global services trade, and setting the Beijing Model of a new development pattern characterized by high quality growth.

In the new era, the Shanghai-based CIIE has been gaining steam, attention, and popularity. Guests from all over the world are invited to share the new opportunities presented by China’s new development. The 67-year-old Canton Fair on the banks of the Pearl River welcomes guests from all over the world to jointly ensure the stability and smoothness of global industrial and supply chains. On the land of the capital city, the upgrading CIFTIS, with its high quality, is providing more and better Chinese services to the world, and enhancing the sense of gain for people around the world.

At a new historical starting point, we must gain an accurate understanding of the new stage of development, with a view to fully implementing the new development philosophy, accelerating our efforts to create a new development dynamic, and advance the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization. Share the historical opportunities through global services trade, and work together for a better and more prosperous future of the world.

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