Forging a Global City, Displaying China’s Character


Добар дан Hello everyone, I’m Tatjana from Serbia. Now I serve as the director of the Cultural Center of the Republic of Serbia in Beijing. It was in August 1993 that I first came to Beijing. At that time, I was sent by my country to study in China. I still remember how I felt about Beijing and China when I first landed. I feel that anyone who thinks of China will conjure up images of Beijing, and vice versa.

I work in the 798 Art District where I manage 3 to 4 projects every month. This reflects Beijing’s inclusiveness. In the 798 Art District, there are cultural centers for 5 different countries, as well as various exhibition halls and art exhibitions. Many people come here to learn about different cultures of different countries. It provieds opportunities to learn about other countries.

In recent years, active international engagement, improved international services and growing global influence are shaping a recognizable image of Beijing in the world’s eye. Beijing is forging a path towards building the national center for international exchanges with contemporary features, Chinese characteristics and Beijing’s unique features.

Over the past 5 years, Beijing has received over 600 visiting groups of party and state guests, totaling approximately 12,000 visitors. Beijing has also been continuously consolidating and expanding its circle of international cooperations, making friends from all over the world. As of June 2023, Beijing has established 260 international sister cities at the city and district levels.

As the primary window for telling China’s stories and spreading China’s voice, Beijing strives to build a first-class center for international exchanges and guarantee the success of major international exchange activities. Beijing is also showcasing the international image of the socialist country’s capital with confidence, inclusiveness, and openness.

A livable and business-friendly environment is the foundation for international talents to settle down and start businesses in Beijing. With the improvement of Beijing government services, more and more people from all over the world have gone from knowing Beijing, to gradually falling in love with Beijing and finally to settling down in Beijing.

Recently I visited the Great Wall. For the first time, I saw the Great Wall in snow. It is a bridge of culture and friendship that connects people. I think Beijing is also a city like this. It is a city open to everyone. As long as you are willing to learn about China, it will welcome you with open arms.

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