The Revolutionary Spirit of Beijing


More than a hundred years ago, revolutionary pioneers awakened an era when Marxism spread from the Red Building of Peking University to all across China. Today, the revolutionary legacy is sustained in Beijing’s high-quality development as it advances with the times. The rich “red culture” is the core and soul of the capital’s culture.

The report to the 20th CPC National Congress called for carrying forward the long line of inspiring principles for Chinese communists originating from the great founding spirit of the CPC, and making good use of the country’s revolutionary resources. This requires Beijing to protect, manage, and utilize revolutionary resources in letter and in spirit, and invigorate the “red culture”.

In recent years, Beijing has vigorously promoted the “Red+” initiative. By creating boutique exhibitions and works on “red culture”, the city’s revolutionary resources have come to life. Beijing as the capital makes its “red culture” construction play a leading role across the country. On the one hand, Beijing’s “red culture” is not only of regional value, but also of national. It is an important link that connects Beijing with the whole country. On the other hand, over the course of flourishing the “red culture”, Beijing has strengthened exchanges with other places, to form a joint force in booming the “red culture”.

As the country’s cultural center, Beijing will continue to play a leading role in the future. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Culture, Beijing will inherit the “red gene”, utilize revolutionary resources, and sustain revolutionary legacy. Beijing will build a capital of advanced socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, consolidate the cultural foundation of Chinese modernization, and write the capital’s chapter of Chinese modernization.

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