A Smart City with Better Lives


The report to the 20th National Congress of the CPC stated that we will improve urban planning, construction, and governance and move faster to change the development models of super-large and mega cities, as well as building livable, resilient, and smart cities. With the characteristics of large-scale, diverse population and cultural diversity, many problems need to be solved in the governance of super-large cities. In the process of governance, it’s crucial to embrace scientific, refined and intelligent operation so as to make cities smarter and more intelligent. This is the only way to modernize the governance system and capacity of super-large cities.

Beijing is one of the first cities in China to propose the concept of smart city. As early as 1999, the concept of “Digital Beijing” was proposed. Then the “Smart Beijing” initiative was kicked off in 2012. Currently the city is in a new stage of building a “Smart Beijing”. Its urban governance capacity has constantly been modernized.

Building and managing the capital well is an important part of modernizing the system and capacity for governance. Promoting the modernization of super-large city governance is an inherent requirement to promote Chinese modernization. On the new journey, we must unswervingly stick to the strategic goal of raising the quality of life, comprehensively advance the digital transformation of urban economy, life, and city governance. Leveraging the nourishment of culture, and the empowerment of smart technologies, Beijing will explore new paths for super-large city governance and better meet the people’s expectations for urban development.

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