Integrity and Uprightness Leads to Public Satisfaction in Beijing


Like the ecosystem in nature, the political ecosystem is also built with long-term efforts, care, and continuous purification and self-repair. Entering the new era, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC has always faithfully performed its duties in the direction guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping, conscientiously fulfilled its political responsibilities in managing and governing the party, and clearly declared that “no one will be allowed to do anything that violates the principles in Beijing".

The committee has effectively led the disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies to investigate and handle illegal cases, not only promoting the full and rigorous Party self-governance through strict assessment mechanisms, but also initiated a self-revolution aimed at triggering social progress and the reform and development of various undertakings in the city, which achieved positive results across the board.

To run China’s affairs well, the key lies in the CPC, its self-governance and strict self-management. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the eight-point frugality code of the CPC have helped tighten discipline control over all Party members and cadres, and improved the conduct and integrity of the Party.

From refusing “Waste on the Tip of the Tongue”, preventing "corruption on the wheel", and rectifying "evil habits in the club", to cleaning up excessive office space, consumption of public funds, "small treasury" and "empty wages”. Hunting the Corruption “Tigers”, ”Flies” and “Foxes” in China go hand in hand. The Central Committee of CPC insists on holding integrity at one node after another, making breakthroughs one issue after another, and rolling out a package of self-revolutionary measures to fundamentally reverse the situation of loose and soft management of the Party, which restored public trust and reshaped the conduct and integrity.

The wheel of history never stops, the steps of strivers always move forward, and the answers to the times will continue to be written. To build a capital city of integrity, deliver better guarantees, safeguard the development of the city in the new era and its modernization drive, it’s imperative to engage in unremitting efforts of full and rigorous Party-governance and ensure that the plans and decisions of the 20th CPC national Congress are implemented.

Following the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Beijing’s urban development blueprint has been transformed into a reality over the years. Beijing has put common prosperity its primary focus in delivering happiness to the people. In economic development, ecological governance, technological innovation and social security among other aspects, Beijing is unswervingly deepening the construction of the capital. On the new journey of the new era, Beijing will forge ahead with courage and persistence. Acting in the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, Beijing will explore vivid practices to write a grand chapter of Chinese modernization in the capital city.

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